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New Term Starts Monday 9 January

Stretch and Relax


Which class will suit you?​

Level 1 - Adult Beginners

Everyone's got to start somewhere! So this class is aimed at complete beginners. We'll focus on the very foundations of the practice - the basis of what we're doing and especially why we're doing it. Once you have an understanding of the basic concepts of breath synchronised movement, anatomical awareness, structural alignment, and the importance of relaxation, then you can choose whether your body and personality are suited to staying in a gentle level 1 class or if you'd like to inject a little extra energy and physical challenge into your yoga and move on to the intermediate class. 

Level 1 - Adult Gentle

In our fast-moving busy lifestyles, it is important to be able to step out and take some time for yourself. This class is perfect for anyone who has completed at least one term of Level 1, and who enjoys an easy-going gentle stretch and strengthening class. For example, the older age groups, people who may be recovering from an injury, and people who like a slow, mindful practice.

Level 2 - Adult Intermediate Vinyasa Flow

This form of yoga moves from pose to pose much more fluidly and rapidly, enhances cardiovascular fitness and builds stamina. Through core stabilisation exercises, we bring the body into better alignment, allowing us to strengthen without injury, relieving pain. Through increased mindfulness, yoga connects us with our bodies and increases our awareness of our physical limitations and weaknesses. This class is suitable for anyone who has already completed a course of beginners yoga and who would like the challenge of a more dynamic practice.

Teen Yoga

For the 13-17 age group. This is a high-energy class to keep the participants energised, connected, engaged and challenged. I believe it is very important at this age to promote a healthy relationship with your body and mind, to be able to connect with yourself on a physical and emotional level and let go of competition and self-criticism while also giving ourselves permission not to take everything too seriously and have some fun!

Revive Your Spirit


Give the Gift of Yoga!

Vouchers can be used against classes, workshops or retreats. You chose the amount. I'll post or email it to you or directly to the lucky recipient.

Keep in touch

Please let me know if you would like to be added to my mailing list so you are kept informed of new class terms, workshops and retreats. You can text me on 086 8214002 or email me (

Payment Options, Terms & Conditions

  • ​All classes should be paid in advance on-line.

  • Course lengths vary from term to term – generally in line with school holidays.

  • Adult classes, are charged at a rate of €12 per class (eg. 6 week term costs €72, a 7 week term costs €84) if paid for in full and in advance.

  • Should you be missing your regular class on a given week, you are welcome to move to another class that week to make up for the class you have missed, just check to make sure there is a spare mat space first.

  • A pay-as-you-go rate of €15 is only available where there is space, as priority is given to those who have paid for their place in advance and in full.

  • Payment can be made here by clicking the relevant class payment button, via Revolut (@kate10ysf), or in cash at the last class of previous term.

  • Once payment has been made, I do not offer refunds for classes you have not attended nor do I carry payment forward to the next term, except in exceptional circumstances, to be taken on a case by case basis.

  • Teen Yoga is charged at a rate of €10 per class if the term is paid for in advance and in full. 

  • A 10% discount applies to members of the same family attending classes together (couples, siblings etc.)

  • Further discounts apply if you sign up to more than one class per week. Contact me for further details.

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